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4 Tips to Ease the Stress of Postponing a Wedding

About a month ago (before social distancing was even a "thing" in America), all that was running through your mind was managing RSVP's, making sure your DJ had your perfect first dance song on the playlist, getting your pic list to your photographer, and trying on your perfectly altered dress for the thousandth time. But now, it's less of "will all 254 guests actually show up?" and instead an emotional question of "how do I tell my 254 guests that we'll probably have to postpone?"

I don't know about you, but for me hearing about COVID-19 is like the summer of 2012 when all you would hear on the radio is "Somebody That I Used To Know". At least then we could jam out to Gotye's hit with our best friend in the car. Now with social distancing, the closest we'll get to seeing our BFF is through FaceTime or Zoom. With social gatherings banned, you've made the really difficult and sad decision to reschedule your wedding. exactly do you navigate the rescheduling process? Here are a few wedding postponement tips:

1. Communicate with your guests and each contracted vendor to postpone, not cancel.

Rest assured, your big day WILL happen. While it is so disheartening that you'll have to put off all of your hard work and anticipation for a few months, be confident in the fact that you WILL marry the love of your life. At the end of the day, the purpose of your wedding is to celebrate the love of you and your future spouse and your future together. Overcome the fear of travel for your guests and give them confidence in their plans to come and celebrate with you at a future date.

If you cancel now, you're likely to lose many of the deposits you have already paid and will have to repay them to different vendors at a future date (and that's just money gone from your budget and down the drain!). The vast majority of vendors are being VERY flexible with their rescheduling policies to best accommodate your needs. If you have a future month (in late 2020, 2021, or even 2022) in mind, ask them when their available dates are for that month. Since you are already under contract, you'll be a priority for them!

2. Hire a planner to help you expedite the rescheduling process.

After months (and about 200 hours) of planning, you know by now that there are so many moving parts and intricacies to coordinating a wedding that you would have never imagined! Now it seems you need to do it all over again. This is the last thing you want to do. That's where we come in! Hiring a planner (and drinking plenty of red wine) is the #1 way to help you overcome all of the stress you may be currently feeling! Among MANY other things, we can take over all of the communication with your vendors to make sure everyone is on the same page. We create a worry-free and FUN planning atmosphere. Visit our Services page to see what discounted deals we have to offer!

3. Use the extra planning time you have to perfect your design and make your big day truly unique.

With remotely working from home and exhausting your Netflix queue, maybe you've found yourself wondering what to do next. Now's the perfect time to work towards your dream day making it even more magical than you originally envisioned. Along with hiring a planner, Pinterest can be a great resource while you DIY from home. Catch our followup blog post (coming soon!) about unique DIY Wedding Decor From Home!

4. Take advantage of this extra time to get to know your future spouse even better!

Maybe you and your S/O are currently working from home or are (unfortunately) temporarily unemployed due to social distancing. In between arguing over which mid-morning snack to eat or which show to binge next, you'll likely have a lot of unplanned time to bond. As challenging as it is to make the best of this situation we are all currently in, take advantage of some quality (device-free) time with your future hubby or wifey and get to know parts of them you didn't know existed. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog with 14 (Mostly Free) Date Night-In Ideas!

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